Breast Cancer Resources

Receiving the diagnosis of cancer is a life-altering event. The nurses and staff of the Memorial Regional Breast Care Center will be with you each step of the way. In fact, one of our nurses will become your Nurse Navigator to help you understand your diagnosis and what will happen next. A Personal Care Planner Notebook will be reviewed with you, filled with your individual diagnosis and other helpful information. 

Treating the disease is only the first step on the road to wellness. The Memorial Regional Breast Care Center helps you take the next step by providing wellness education, rehabilitation programs, support and counseling for you and your family. These include:


Breast Forum - A Team Effort
We offer a comprehensive team approach that includes regular Breast Forums, a time when health professionals from all areas of breast cancer treatment - radiologists, oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, nurses, technologists and therapists - come together to develop a cohesive plan of care for patients. This high quality, cost effective method improves the quality of your medical treatment by bringing the best people and resources together in one place with your best interest in mind.

Treatment options at the Memorial Regional Cancer Center
The Memorial Regional Cancer Center is located on the 1st floor of Memorial Hospital, in very close proximity to the main entrance. Free valet parking is available. Click on the link to the Cancer Center to learn about advanced treatment options available at Memorial or call 574-647-1100.

Home Care options
Learn more about the many Home Care services offered by Memorial Home Care.

African American Women in Touch  Founded to educate African American women and families about the importance of early detection of breast cancer, breast self-exams (BSE), clinical breast exams (CBE) and mammograms. Contact the Breast Care Center for more information.