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BrainWorks, a part of Memorial Hospital of South Bend, is focused on the imperative of cultivating a healthy brain throughout the lifespan as a strategy for immediate life performance success and long-term body and mind disease resilience.

Who We Are

BrainWorks believes that your brain is the essence of who you are and the home of your goals, dreams, memories, challenges and potential. Understanding how the brain works, what it needs to perform at its best and how making brain healthy lifestyle choices can support your ability to feel and do your best every day. It is an investment in long term mind and body resilience.

We have spent years exploring and understanding neuroscience (brain functioning) and translating that information into easy to understand day to day action steps and reminders to help you and your loved ones have optimal cognitive abilities and quality of life for today and every tomorrow.

What we do

BrainWorks built a model based on three elements: physical health, cognitive fitness and vitality. Through any one of our programs, you will learn more about the brain, how it functions and how it connects to how you think and feel about everyday life. You will gain an understanding for how to stay healthy and cognitively sharp, achieve your goals and thrive personally, professionally and independently. 

We work with individuals, groups, schools and organizations to provide important information about the many aspects of how the brain works in order to increase quality of life.

Four ways to interact with BrainWorks:

  • Visit our Calendar of Events and attend one of our programs, either in person or through a webinar
  • Hire BrainWorks to host a training session, keynote speaker, educational program or webinar for your team, organization or event
  • Purchase BrainWorks curriculum materials or become a trained Sage-ing Circle Facilitator and bring BrainWorks information and programs to your facility

To learn more about BrainWorks and see how we can meet your needs, call 574-647-6628, fill out our contact form, or sign up below to join our mailing list!

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Online Meditations
Online Meditations

Take a break and quiet your mind, and body. Enjoy these meditative techniques, courtesy of BrainWorks.