Corporate Brain Health

The New Corporate America

Corporations of all sizes face a new set of challenges:

  • The workforce is aging. Every day during the year 2010, 11,000 baby boomers reached 50 years of age (T+D Magazine 4/08). For many, aging still triggers plans of scaling back or retiring to chase dreams rather than climb corporate ladders.
  • The availability of replacement talent is not large enough to cover the potential loss of boomers and their knowledge from the workforce.
  • Economic challenges have eliminated the capacity and financial margins typically available for turn-over, ramp-up, and slow, carefully planned transitions.
  • With advanced aging of the workforce comes a natural internal and external concern about the loss of cognitive agility, productivity, and dedication. Workers are typically faced with increased responsibility including the caring for aging parents, caring for children and the often normal diminishment of physical energy.

Cultivating and maintaining human capital requires a paradigm shift. It is obsolete for employers to somewhat one dimensionally focus on the physical health and wellness of its employees through physical/mental health and fitness management. The economy of New Corporate America requires a multi-dimensional approach; an approach that incorporates the nuances of outlook, worry and agility - cognitively, physically and financially. New Corporate America must use its brain. It must think smart, leverage and maintain the skill, memory and assets of its workforce.

A Performance Enhancement Program for the Brains and Talent of Your Company

A complimentary conversation with key HR and/or Leadership Team members identifies starting opportunities. This introductory conversation includes an overview educational session covering the key elements of Brain Health and suggests ways to begin incorporating Brain Health into your workplace.

Follow-up with a well rounded series of topics to meet several aspects of brain health within your workplace:

  • Your Adult Brain: Use it or Loose It
    A primer for brain health, healthy aging and the importance of choosing a brain healthy lifestyle.
  • The Building Blocks to Good Brain Health: Developing Your Personal Plan for Success  
    Designed for the c-suite and senior leadership, this Coaching program/delivered retreat style creates a plan for those within organization that often have tendencies to loose sight of balance, a larger context of their own health and wellbeing.
  • Understanding Your Workforce Dynamics: Generational Variances
    More than ever before, generational variances are noticed in the workplace. Decode the underlying dynamics reduces tension and subtle conflict, improves communication and impacts efficiency.
  • Tips for Trainers and Managers – Incorporating Brain Health with Learning Style
    Research has begun to identify brain based learning styles. Utilizing this set of principles and environments will boost engagement during the program and learning and engagement following a training or development program.
  • Emotional Intelligence: Leveraging Key Skills for Success and Wellbeing
    Mastering this complement of 15 competencies has been shown to impact overall success and wellbeing. This program includes an Eq-i assessment and an individual interpretation session.
  • The Aging Mind: How Not to Be Stressed By Your Memory
    One of the well kept secrets of many mid-age individual is worrying about memory and retaining a sharp mind. This series teaches several tool and techniques for maximizing memory and also provides a good understanding of the working of our brain.
  • Stress Management: Finding Your Balance Amongst Responsibility and Obligation
    Stress is similar to electricity. When you find your correct voltage it illuminates your light bulb and keeps your energy flowing. Too much stress overloads your circuits and negatively impacts different systems throughout your body, including the brain. Find what’s right for you through a variety of stress management techniques. This program will equip you with relaxation methods and strategies. Burn brightly without burning out!
  • Good Vibrations: Supporting Brain Health through Targeted Feedback/Mentoring
    Vitality is a key element of brain health. Cultivating vitality is others is much easier than it initially appears. This program provides the infrastructure for initiating a mentoring program and/or can train a management team in developing a brain healthy lifestyle in others. Also a great tool for passing on the knowledge of those leaving to develop those up and coming.
  • Taking the Dread Out of Difficult Conversations
    When we are stressed and uncomfortable, our body and our mind is less able to perform at its best. Research is available to show the dramatic increases and decreases in team efficacy and dynamics based on the ability to handle conversations and skillfully. All it takes is a game plan and practice. Bring these valuable tools to all members of your team to boost productivity, to reduce stress, and to support fun at work.
  • The Inside Story about Stress
    Research is showing that the physical reactions caused by stress can interfere with health, cognitive functioning, and the enjoyment of life. This program fully explains stress and the related physical and emotional impact and presents a proven method for managing stress. When stress is managed, health, vitality, and enjoyment of life increase.

Custom topics available. Please call BrainWorks at 574-647-6628 to learn more.

Download the 2014 Leighton Lecture Presentation
Download the 2014 Leighton Lecture Presentation

Click here to download the 2014 Leighton Lecture Presentation. Please note that it may take a few moments to download the file.

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