Learning Histories

Remembering where we've come from, and anticipating where we're headed. Learning from what we've done well and what we could improve on. These are important tools that we rely on to do our jobs well here at Memorial. By constantly thinking and rethinking how things are done, we are more able to make the best decisions possible as we move toward the future.

Through Learning Histories, we seek to recreate the moment in time when a new project was transforming from dream to reality, and strive to capture and convey the experience and insights of the people who helped make their project happen.

Each Learning History has its own unique learning process and teaches us new ways to improve the quality of life for our community. What better way to celebrate the spirit of these innovative and community-based initiatives than to help others in our community and across the nation do the same. We hope that others will learn from our triumphs and our mistakes, and that it will help them develop and implement successful projects in their own community or organization.

Our Learning Histories:

African American Leadership Initiative
A program designed to identify, educate, motivate and mentor the African American leadership staff of Memorial Hospital and to provide positive reinforcement, structure and leadership training to enhance the roles of African American leadership staff.
Aging in Place
A program designed by Memorial Hospital to serve those who remain in their communities as they grow older, enabling independent living and building community.
Annie's Song
An innovative prenatal education program at Memorial Hospital‘s Family Medicine Center that was created to attract a ‘lost' population of young and unmarried women who weren't attending these critical classes.
Art From the Heart of the People
A community connection that helps build self-esteem and celebrates cultures.
Baby Think It Over
What is it like to have a baby?
Beds and Britches, Etc. (B.A.B.E.)
Offering tangible prenatal care incentives.
Child Abuse Prevention Campaign
A creative campaign that calls attention to a crucial problem and inspires others to take action.
Community Health Action Group (CHAG)
The story of the important role that CHAG has played (and continues to play) in the implementation of Memorial's initiatives to aid in the creation of a healthier community.
Community Health Partnership
Interim health insurance coverage program.
Community Plunge
Taking a real look at real life in your community.
Congregational Nursing Program
New ways to reach those needing care.
The D.O.V.E. Project (DOmestic Violence Ends)
A collaborative domestic violence intervention and education program that provides a strong network for identifying survivors of domestic violence and assists them in accessing resources to help break the cycle of violence.
D.O.V.E. Project Update
An update the D.O.V.E. Project, a domestic violence intervention and education program, run by Memorial Hospital, the YWCA and the Madison Center.
A joint venture between Memorial Hospital and Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. to provide well water testing kits and related health information to South Bend area residents.
The HairNet Project
Internet connectivity where people spend their days.
HealthWorks! Kids' Museum
Making health cool for kids and schools.
Prejudice reduction and diversity training for teens.
Home Management Resources Partnership
The power of a shared vision to create health in our community.
Finding new solutions in health care with the help of IDEO, a world-renown designing company that understands that good ideas emerge from a culture which fosters innovative thinking and creativity.
Lung Center
A pilot program of the American Lung Association of Indiana (ALA-I) and Memorial Hospital of South Bend, The Lung Center was created to improve life quality for lung disease sufferers.
Medication Assistance Program (M.A.P.)
The M.A.P. program helps qualified patients of the Family Medicine Center obtain affordable medications.
Memorial Health Foundation
By ongoing work to prioritize substantial and creative community involvement, the story of Memorial Health Foundation is one of evolution.
New Physician Launch Pad
The art of attracting and keeping new patients.
New Protocols for Addicted Pregnancies
A program aimed to reduce the incidence and harm done to babies born to women who use drugs.
Play, Exploration, and Developmental Support (PEDS) Program
This collaborative effort with Memorial's Developmental Progress Clinic, the Pediatric Rehabilitation program, and the Center for the Homeless provides developmental screening to support early intervention coupled with identification of parent-child interaction behaviors.
Prevention Initiatives
Innovative programs for school-age children addressing teen pregnancy, infant mortality, smoking cessation and injury prevention.
Senior Health
Innovative approaches to life after 60.
Planning ahead for community health investments.
Women's Journey
A chemical dependency program for women.
Empowering boys to overcome a painful past and succeed.
Women In Touch (WIT)
Support for early detection of breast cancer.