Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need a biopsy?

A nurse will call you prior to a procedure such as a ductogram, cyst aspiration or a core biopsy scheduled at Memorial Regional Breast Care Center (MRBCC). The nurse will explain the procedure, give directions, check on allergies and blood thinners and notify you to pre-certify with your insurance. The nurse will be able to answer questions and provide support.

If possible, the same nurse will be with you on the day of your procedure. She will explain the procedure again, have you sign a consent form, give support and provide discharge instructions. The nurse will also call and check on you after the procedure.

If a biopsy is done and tissue or fluid is sent to the lab, a pathology report will be sent to your physician in approximately 48 to 72 work day hours. Your physician will provide you the report’s results.

What if they find something on my mammogram?

If something new is found or has changed on your screening mammogram, our radiologist will recommend you come back for additional mammogram views and/or ultrasound.

We will send you a letter requesting you return for further evaluation. Some physicians also allow us to notify their patients by phone regarding additional views, so someone from the MRBCC may call you. At that time, we will schedule your additional views. You will be notified of your results before you leave.

Often when someone is called back for further views, it turns out that everything is normal or possibly a short term 4-6 month follow-up appointment is indicated. If something is found on your diagnostic mammogram and/or ultrasound, you will be told your results before you leave your diagnostic appointment. You will receive a written result letter in the mail and we will fax a report to your physician.

If further evaluation is needed, such as a surgical consult, cyst aspiration, ductogram or core biopsy, the radiologist and/or nurse/technologist will talk to you about the recommendation and provide written information. You can also schedule a procedure to be performed at the MRBCC at this time. Your physician will be faxed a notification of the recommendation. The radiologist or nurse will phone your physician to obtain his/her consent and a written order for the upcoming procedure.

What if I have been diagnosed with breast cancer?

If you have been a patient at MRBCC or had your surgery at Memorial Hospital, a MRBCC nurse will contact you. Our nurses have backgrounds in oncology and will be your nurse navigator to help you understand your diagnosis and what will happen next. A notebook called a Personal Care Planner is individualized for you by the nurse based on your diagnosis and personal situation. The nurse will be available review the Planner with you and family members and will follow up with you by phone throughout your treatment and care. The Planner and the MRBCC can be used as resources and support for you and family members. Our nurses are willing to talk and provide information to anyone diagnosed with breast cancer, even if they have been diagnosed and treated elsewhere.