Personal Care Planner

The Personal Care Planner is a notebook designed for all new breast cancer patients at Memorial Hospital. It includes information such as phone numbers, calendars, test results, general breast cancer information, surgery information, chemotherapy or radiation information, nutrition, support groups, resources and other areas of interest.

The Personal Care Planner is individualized for each patient and distributed by the Memorial Regional Breast Care Center Nurse Navigators who will sit down and talk to the patient and family members about the information in the notebook.

It is our hope that patients will use their Personal Care Planner during their diagnosis and treatment of their cancer. Your physician will be referring you to a surgeon, medical oncologist and radiation oncologist, as needed, who will be giving you additional information. Patients can add information they obtain from other physician visits in the notebook so that all the information can be kept in one place and used as a reference for them and their family.