First Visit

When you come for your first visit, we will ask you to sign in at the desk. Please bring your insurance card and picture ID and confirm the name of your physician(s). (Screening mammograms do not require an order, but diagnostic exams need a physician order.) After all paperwork has been processed, we will escort you to the dressing area to change into a gown.

We provide lockers with keys for your belongings. Once you have changed and stowed your items, you will be escorted into a smaller waiting area where a nurse or technologist will take a brief medical history if it is your first time. If you have been with us previously, we will take this time to update your history.

Our nurses can do clinical breast exams or breast self-exam teaching. The technologist will take your digital mammogram and, if you are receiving screening, you will be able to leave after your views are taken. The radiologist will read the mammogram later that day; the physician will receive a report and you will receive a letter with the results.

If you are here for a diagnostic exam, the technologist will take your views and then show them to the radiologist while you wait. If the radiologist recommends additional views and/or ultrasound it will be done and your results given to you before you leave. Your physician will receive a report and you will receive a mailed letter regarding the results of your mammogram.