Mammograms for Women with Breast Implants

People often ask us: How do you do a mammogram on a woman with implants? The answer is simple. We do the same exams—either screening or diagnostic—but with a minimum of eight images instead of four. 

The Eklund Method is a lifesaving diagnostic tool for women with breast implants that consists of eight images. Four x-rays are performed with the implant in place, while the remaining four images involve displacing the implant against the chest wall to better visualize the anterior (front) portion of the breast. Taut compression of the entire breast is vital to visualize its ductal and glandular structure.

The first four are done with the implant in place to check for any irregularities and a minimal amount of compression is used. A small amount of breast tissue surrounds the implant. The second four images called “displaced” or “push back” views are of just the breast tissue. The technologist achieves these images by gently moving the implant toward the chest wall while securing the breast tissue for the image.

A screening digital mammogram can be performed for women with implants as long as there are no symptoms or problems at the time of the mammogram.