Screening and Diagnostic Mammograms

Digital mammography is the new gold standard for most mammography departments. Memorial Regional Breast Care Center and the Memorial Lighthouse Medical Imaging Center is no exception. Both locations offer patients the latest in high quality technology. 

Digital mammography was developed for the purpose of seeing through the breast tissue, especially dense tissue, better than film/screen mammography. The technology provides a more detailed image, thus allowing for the opportunity for earlier detection of breast cancer.  

Aside from the high-quality images, there are other benefits to digital mammography. The images are reviewed by the technologist for quality as they are being taken. This allows the screening patient to leave immediately after her exam rather than waiting for films to be processed. A screening exam can be completed in approximately 10 minutes.

Patients also feel that the compression is not as painful. The compression paddle has the ability to flex as it compresses which allows for a more evenly compressed breast. 

The radiologist is able to view the patient’s study on a computer work station. He can adjust an image, making it darker or lighter, or zoom in on areas he wants to see closer.

Digital Screening Mammograms

  • No symptoms, problems or breast cancer
  • No physician order needed
  • Need a current physician to receive report
  • Once a year after age 40
  • Need location of previous mammograms
  • Cannot be pregnant
  • Stop breast feeding for three months
  • No deodorant, lotion or powder on breast or underarms

Digital Diagnostic Mammograms

  • History of breast cancer
  • Symptoms such as lump, focal pain, nipple discharge, dimpling of skin, nipple retraction or other problems
  • Need physician order
  • Need all previous mammograms and ultrasounds on site at time of appointment
  • No deodorant, lotion or powder on breast or underarms