Brain Health at Work


Learn more about how brain health can support and be part of professional development at your organization. 

Development Programs for the Brains and Talent of Your Company

BrainWorks offers a wide range of programs to bring more brain health to team members, leadership teams, and operations.   Let us help you identify where best to begin for your group.  

A sample of topics include:

  • How to Keep Your Brain Healthy
    Your brain…where would you be without it? Home of your thoughts, dreams, wishes and goals, your brain is responsible for all aspects of who you are, how you feel, how you learn, love, relate, and remember.  Join us for this activity based program to learn the three key steps to keeping your brain healthy and resilient at all ages.  You’ll learn why brain health is a hot topic, how to care for your brain, and you’ll have a chance to give your brain a workout too!
  • Lifestyle Habits of Effective Minds  
    This program provides an overview of the lifestyle habits that support healthy brain performance and overall wellbeing. These lifestyle habits can be an opportunity for more development or perhaps are areas in which we already hold mastery. Walk away with an understanding of how our day-to-day moments and choices fit together to make us who we are and how they are directly connected to our outlook, performance and resilience.
  • Planning, Prioritization and Project Management
    Mastering the art and science of our attention and focusing skills is a critical piece to how we experience and feel more confident and energized throughout our day, and how our work is accomplished.  In today’s busy world, where it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and out of control, this program provides some of the science, and theory that you can put to use immediately to improve focus and stage your time and projects for expanded efficiency.
  • Your Network: Is It Keeping You Healthy or Making You Sick?
    Neuroscience is beginning to unravel the mysteries of the human brain and it is filled with many surprises about our immune system and overall health and wellbeing. Staying healthy is not just another Vitamin.   This program will share some of the newer findings in neuroscience and the ways that how we interact with others influence our health, and wellbeing on a day to day basis.  In this session, learn the connection between your health and the types of relationships you have with others in your life.
  • Anticipating Stress and Reducing Its Impact
    Is that feeling called “stress” running your life?  In this program, learn ways to shift both how you think about stress, and how you anticipate and respond to it occurring.
  • Your Brain and Communication: Making it Easier to Speak Your Mind
    Communication is the common element of almost everything we do with and through others, yet it often occurs spontaneously, even in highly charged situations.  Through an understanding of your brain’s organizing principles, the mechanics of communication, and strategies for working through challenging situations, you can improve the ease, quality, and productivity of your conversations. 
  • Living with Meaning and Purpose
    We may talk with our friends about how time is passing faster than ever.   And, we may know the Lennon quote, “Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." Yet, slowing things down enough to think about what we wish to experience in our lifetime can be somewhat difficult to do. And an easy topic on which we can stall out.  This program explores the importance of purpose, and living with meaning.  It asks us what it takes to become a “bucket listologist”, and look at really achieving the things we might want in the time we have.      We’ll look at the health benefits of having a bucket list.  And, we’ll roll up our sleeves and dig in to both productive thinking, and pitfall thinking when it comes to thinking about purpose and creating a bucket list.
  • Time Versus Energy: A New Look at Personal Effectiveness
    In this day and age many people work at the baseline of trying to squeeze in just one more thing and on to often already full plates.  It’s a formula for stress!   In this session we’ll explore a series of perspectives and strategies for knowing your priorities, getting to them during your day, managing the stresses, and having the energy to do it.

Many other topics are available. Please call BrainWorks at 574-647-6628 to learn more.

Online Meditations
Online Meditations

Take a break and quiet your mind, and body. Enjoy these meditative techniques, courtesy of BrainWorks.