The Heart of Aging with Wisdom and Vitality

Memorial BrainWorks

"First you are young;
then you are middle-aged;
then you are old;
then you are wonderful."

— Lady Diana Cooper

The Heart of Aging with Wisdom and Vitality: Sage-ing Circle Facilitator Training is a three day program for individuals who wish to expand their understanding, resources and support of conscious aging. Along with growing their awareness of the diverse important cognitive, spiritual and developmental issues associated with getting, and being, older. The three day program trains individuals to implement a program called The Heart of Aging with Wisdom and Vitality.

At the end of the training program, the newly trained Facilitator leaves with the knowledge, tools, marketing strategies and a comprehensive turnkey manual for holding a 12-module (24 hour) program, called The Heart of Aging with Wisdom and Vitality, in their community or organization. Adaptable and easy to use, each module is additionally able to be used as a standalone program.

The Heart of Aging with Wisdom and Vitality is a dynamic interactive program that encourages people to:

  • explore wisdom, 
  • become more spiritually and physically vital, 
  • engage and contribute in their community, 
  • and to navigate the second part of life with purpose, awareness, and celebration.

The Cultivating Wisdom: Sage-ing Circle Facilitators Training is a Sage-ing Intensive Program and serves as a prerequisite for those who want to become certified Sage-ing Leaders through Sage-ing International.

About The Heart of Aging with Wisdom and Vitality

Steeped in principles from:

  • Psychology
  • Spiritual eldering
  • Compassion
  • Neuroscience
  • Conscious aging
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Indigenous rituals
  • Wisdom
  • Adult Development

This program embraces the human journey. It engages older adults in ways they can see the joys of aging, celebrate and explore their life lessons, exercise forgiveness and compassion, and engage in activities and group discussions that create legacy, contribution, connection, and self-accountability. Please email Debbie Raybold for information on future programs.

About Memorial BrainWorks

Memorial BrainWorks, a department within Memorial Hospital in South Bend, Indiana, evolved out of Leighton Center for Senior Health, established in 1988.

The BrainWorks philosophy is that brain health is the single most determining factor for how we live. The quality of how our mind functions drives the ability to remember, learn, relate, think, experience, contribute, and enjoy life like we want today and for all of our tomorrows. Brain health allows for independence.

  • Memorial BrainWorks is an American Society of Aging/MetLife Foundation 2013 MindAlert Award Recipient in the category of Mental Fitness Programs for the general population of older adults for a program called "Grandbuddies."
  • Retired BrainWorks team member, Rosemary Cox, was the 2012 recipient of the Reb Zalman Award given every other year at the conference of Sage-ing International.

For more information, including upcoming training dates, please call BrainWorks at 574-647-6628 or email