BrainWorks Grandbuddies Program: A How To Manual

The Grandbuddies program is the American Society on Aging and MetLife Foundation 2013 Mind Alert Award Winner in the category of Mental Fitness for the General Population of Older Adults. Grandbuddies: A multi-generational brain health program

This turnkey how to manual contains all materials you will need to develop your own program. It provides you with structure, sequence, timing and purpose of each piece of the program. The resource section will provide further detail, as well as all handouts, assessments, presentations and agendas needed.

About Grandbuddies

Grandbuddies is a multi-dimensional, intergenerational program, pairing older adults with children, ages 9 thru 14 for the purpose of:

  1. Increasing social contacts, purpose and dynamic activities for older adults
  2. fostering meaningful intergenerational understanding which dispels age-related myths and fears,
  3. promoting cognitive health
  4. increasing knowledge about the brain and adapting a brain healthier lifestyle.

Grandbuddies is adaptable to many types of organizations.

$154. Includes a 30-minute phone consultation.

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