Frequently Asked Questions


How do I schedule an appointment?

  • Call the Health Discovery Center at 574-647-1804
  • Email
  • Spanish speakers may call 574-647-1369 or 574-647-6796 to schedule an appointment.

How long do appointments take?

  • Appointments last approximately 20 min. per child or 45 min. per family. Please make the appointment when your child can come with you.

How much does it cost to get my seat checked?

  • There is no cost. Donations are gladly accepted for the continuation of the program.

Should all children be checked for safe travel in a vehicle?

  • Yes, we can check all children from newborn through age 16.
  • If you have more than one child in the family, it is best that all children be evaluated in their seat belts or car seats.

What is a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician?

  • An individual that has been certified by SafeKids Worldwide to provide education, perform inspections and assist with proper installation of child safety seats.

Do you have anyone that knows how to fit a child with special needs into a car seat?

  • Specially trained technicians are available upon request at the time the appointment is made. Please let the scheduler know as many details as you can about the special needs that your child has been diagnosed with.

What do Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians do at the appointment?

  • Check your child's physical height and weight and evaluate developmental needs that may affect safe vehicular travel.
  • Inspect you child's current seat for recalls, defects, expiration and missing parts/labels. Ask questions pertaining to the seat’s original owner and if the seat has a known history.
  • Determine if the seat is safe to use based on the needs of the child and the inspection of the seat.
  • Inquire about automobile accidents and evaluate the seat based on National Highway Traffic Administration Criteria for safe use after a crash.
  • Assess the vehicle seat belt system and the installation and use of your car seat when you arrive.
  • Provide parents or guardians with education on how to select a seat, safely install the seat in your vehicle and safely secure a child into the seat.

Can I get my baby’s seat checked before my baby is born?

  • It is recommended that you call to make an appointment in the last trimester or when you are around seven months of pregnancy.
  • Parents are encouraged to get their seats checked before the baby is born.

Can I get my child’s car seat checked when they are hospitalized?

  • Parents are encouraged to install the child safety seat and secure the child according to the instruction manuals, but you may call to make an outpatient appointment while you are in the hospital. Newborn Intensive Care parents: please refer to your handbook or check with your nurse about getting your baby seat checked by our technicians prior to discharge.

Can I get a car seat from your program?

  • Car seats are available and are distributed when the technician makes a recommendation. A financial donation will be requested based on financial need. Seats are not given away for free.

Can grandparents, babysitters, aunts/uncles and other care providers make an appointment?

  • Everyone is welcome to make an appointment for a car seat inspection and car seat education.

Can I use B.A.B.E. coupons to get a car seat?

  • We do not accept B.A.B.E coupons in exchange for car seats. We do give out one B.A.B.E. coupon for every seat that is checked. Please ask the technician for a coupon before you leave the appointment.