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Common NICU Tests and Their Purpose

Blood tests and other types of samples are necessary to provide your baby’s physician with information about the levels of certain chemicals and components of your baby’s blood, urine and stool. These tests depend on your baby’s illness and condition. If blood is needed for a test it is drawn from your baby’s veins, arteries or heels.

Other types of tests include head ultrasounds, hearing screens, X-rays, eye exams and various other non-invasive procedures that help your baby’s physician diagnose and treat your baby.

When any of these tests are done on your baby, your baby’s physician will share and discuss the results with you.

Helping to Prevent Infection

Infection is still the number one cause of death among premature infants. Your baby is at risk for infection due to his/her immature immune system. Your baby’s caregiving staff will do everything possible to help prevent infection but we also need your help. Here is a list of things that you can do to help your baby.

NICU Contact Numbers
NICU Equipment and Its Purpose
NICU Glossary

You may hear many words or terms in NICU that you may not understand. The following is a list of common words or terms and their definitions. Please ask your baby’s doctor or nurse if you do not understand something they are explaining to you.

NICU Procedures and How They Help Your Baby
Participation in Your Baby's Care
Partners in Your Baby's Care
Sibling Visitation
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