Pediatric Diabetes

Memorial Children’s Hospital begins diabetes education with admission and continues daily, teaching the essential skills necessary before the patient is released. The child and caregivers are given individualized, one-on-one instruction during class time and through hands-on beside care. Both the caregivers and child participate learn proper care required by the diagnosis of diabetes.

Those with diabetes in our inpatient Pediatric Units are all assessed for education and social service needs. Topics available are: DKA prevention, hyperglycemia protocol, trouble shooting an insulin pump, sick day management, and special considerations for surgery, injury or other disruptions in their diabetes management.

Outpatient education is provided on the campus of Memorial Hospital, with individual appointments made with the pediatric certified diabetes educator. Diabetes self-management education (DSME) reviews the basic skills, plus sick day management, school day management, healthy living with diabetes, monitoring, carbohydrate counting, new insulin regimes, problem solving and effective coping skills. Introduction to insulin pump therapy is offered for basic concepts and demonstrations of the insulin pumps. Insulin pump training is provided on four of the major insulin pump systems – Medtronic’s Minimed, the Cozmore System, Animas and OmniPod.

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