Depression Services

The Inpatient Depression Unit of Memorial Epworth Center features a division exclusively for the treatment of mood disorders and anxiety. This space offers psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacologic treatment in a modern facility carefully designed to provide a comfortable and safe environment.

Our specially trained psychiatrists lead a team of nurse practitioners, registered nurses and therapists to develop a treatment plan tailored to the mental and physical needs of each patient. Customized treatment plans include cognitive behavior therapy in both individual and group sessions, as well as medication. Education is an important aspect of the care, with the aim of helping patients understand their illness, participate in their treatment, develop coping strategies and successfully return to the community.

The unit’s healing atmosphere encourages the intermingling of staff and patients and alleviates feelings of isolation. Because patients suffering from mood disorders may be at risk of harming themselves, the physical design of the facility assures a safe and secure environment for patients and visitors.

Inpatient depression services are located in one state-of-the-art facility featuring:

  • 24 Depression unit beds
  • Evaluation of patient’s medical and psychiatric problems
  • Inpatient crisis intervention and stabilization
  • Comprehensive discharge planning
  • Physical, occupational and recreational therapy
  • Medication assessment and management
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Links to community-based services