Sports Medicine Education & Fellowship

The Memorial Sports Medicine Fellowship — offered as a joint venture between the Family Medicine Residency Program of Memorial Hospital, the Family Medicine Residency Program at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center and the University of Notre Dame — accepted its first two fellows in 1999. All of our residents benefit from the strong sports medicine training woven into the residency curriculum.

The Residency experience includes:

  • Sports Medicine focus-curriculum option available for residents
  • One block of combined sports medicine/orthopedics in year one
  • One block of Musculoskeletal medicine in year three
  • Monthly noon conferences in sports medicine
  • Optional one month elective rotation at Memorial Sports Medicine or away site
  • Opportunities to cover local high school and university athletics
  • Instruction in Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
  • Casting workshops
  • Optional research projects

The fellowship is a one-year accredited program that accepts two fellows per year, one sponsored by Memorial and the other sponsored by St. Joseph's. Training experiences include working with local community, high school, college, and university athletes, including the University of Notre Dame football team.

The Fellowship experience includes:

  • Cadaveric Gross Anatomy
  • One half-day/week dedicated to research/academic development
  • One half-day/week of primary care clinic
  • Weekly lectures and case conferences
  • Monthly journal club
  • Procedures include: joint injection, fracture care, casting, splinting, creating orthotics, EKG treadmill stress testing and performing radiography on-site
  • Specialty Experience include: Physical therapy, Orthopedics, Sports Cardiology, Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Exercise Physiology and Alpine Medicine (2 weeks at a Big Sky, Montana ski area)
  • Mass participation coverage
  • Fellows are encouraged to attend and present at national sports medicine conferences
  • Fellow-run Saturday morning injury clinic during football season
  • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, both diagnostic and guided-injections

Through the resources of our sports medicine fellowship, all residents gain an enhanced understanding of musculoskeletal medicine. Those with a special interest in sports medicine have tremendous opportunities to gain experience in this area and to prepare themselves for future fellowship training.