We understand that physicians must be adept at handling the rapid growth of medical information. Our goal is to ensure that each physician develops the capacity to manage that information. Each new resident is given a laptop computer and a portable device (presently an iPad) to have access to this mass of information. These items belong to you at the completion of residency.

Both the residency and hospital utilize Electronic Health Records (EHR) over a wireless network. This network is accessible from the physician's home. The hospital library offers access to many electronic references, including Up to Date, MD consult, Visual Dx, and many electronic books. We employ electronic Residency Management Software that allows you to check your schedule, log procedures and duty hours, perform evaluations or request vacation time online. We understand that there are differences in the computer experience for our incoming residents and are prepared to bring everyone up to a high level of competence in using these electronic resources.

We have designated super users for our electronic health record and employ a computer support coordinator to assist and teach the residents in computer technologies and the computers skills needed for success in the residency, in the hospital and for future practice.