Here's what our alumni say:

Here's what our alumni say:

"I am so thankful for the training I've received during my time at Memorial. I feel more than adequately trained to practice the full spectrum of family medicine. I learned so much from our faculty, fellow residents, and our patients. As an added bonus, I never expected residency to be so much fun. I will really miss this place!"

Amy Hogue, M.D., - Class of 2009
Muskegon Family Care - Muskegon, MI

"The program here has certainly prepared me for practicing family medicine. Not only have I learned a great deal about medicine, I have done over 60 colonoscopies, and likely will have 70 before I graduate, allowing to bring this service to a previously underserved and underscreened area."

Matt Gullone M.D., - Class of 2009
Midwest Health Clinic - Galena, IL

"If I had to redo residency, I would still pick family medicine and I would without a doubt choose to do it at Memorial Family Medicine Residency at South Bend. Dr. Riley has built up such a strong and reliable program and always makes sure we are well taken care of. The faculty and staff at Memorial are amazing; they truly enjoy their jobs and besides doing an excellent job at teaching, they are great mentors and friends. During my first few months of residency I never thought I'd have enough time to learn everything I needed to practice on my own; however, I now feel well prepared to be an independent family physician. It's amazing to look back and see the amount of growth and wealth of knowledge I've gained. Another great aspect of the program is the great relationship we have with community physicians and specialists. They are also interested in teaching and often staff our medicine and pediatric services and when we need consults or rotate with the specialists, we are treated as a colleague and our opinions are respected.

Beth Gullone M.D., - Class of 2009
Midwest Health Clinic - Galena, IL

"I feel very fortunate to have graduated from Memorial Family Practice Residency. The faculty are devoted to providing the highest quality of education. And you could not ask for better residents to be your co-residents. Everyone works hard, but has a lot of fun as well. The community of South Bend is an ideal size & the hospital community values the role of a family physician. I feel so prepared to begin practice as a rulal family physician, including obstetrics"

Jennifer Mollencupp, M.D., - Class of 2008
Group Practice - Rochester, IN

"I consider it a privilege to have trained at Memorial! I learned so much from my patients and colleagues. As a result I am a well-rounded physician, confident in my ability to practice full-spectrum family medicine in rural Iowa, including doing a variety of procedures, practicing obstetrics, and providing inpatient and ambulatory care. I wouldn't have done it any other way! For me, Memorial was an awesome environment in which I flourished. From day one, we were given the right balance of autonomy and support to grow into capable physicians. The curriculum provided the flexibility to cater my education to my interests. For example, Memorial provided me an awesome opportunity to learn more international medicine while rotating with Dr. Suttor in Guatemala. Memorial is filled with bright, ambitious, hard-working and dedicated residents. Everyone is always looking out for one another. The Memorial faculty members are a diverse and talented group. They were always supportive and encouraging with me, excellent mentors, and friends. I will always look back on my three years in South Bend with many fond memories of my Memorial family!"

Laura Moeller, M.D., - Class of 2007
Boone Family Practice - Boone, Iowa

"I consider myself very lucky to have trained at Memorial. The education is second to none. My mentors are compassionate and extraordinarily talented. Residents are a delight and share their talents everyday in a supportive environment. The South Bend medical community trusts and relies upon the residents creating such a Family Medicine friendly environment that I just couldn't leave town after graduating. I completed the 4-year Health Services Management curriculum at Memorial, earning a Masters in Public Administration. Previously naïve in most matters involving business and legal aspects of medicine, I gained the requisite knowledge to flourish in today's healthcare system. This paid off before my first day of "real" work as I was able to formulate and present a strategic plan to the administration of my health system. I was able to understand administrative concerns and support my plan leading to a significant budgetary increase for my practice. I firmly believe that this would have been impossible without the training I received at Memorial."

Brandon Zabukovic M.D., M.P.A. - Class of 2006
Community Health Center - South Bend, IN


"I am privileged to have received my training at Memorial. Entering residency, it was my hope that, upon graduation, I would feel comfortable working in a variety of settings. That hope was fulfilled; I am well trained in the full spectrum of family medicine, including adult and pediatric out-patient and in-patient care, as well as obstetrics. I feel blessed to have worked with the residents and faculty- a bright, hard-working, enthusiastic group who create a wonderful environment for learning. I will forever value the knowledge and friendships cultivated during my years at Memorial."

Sarah Davis, MD – Class of 2006
Group Practice - New Bronswick, ME


"It is difficult for me to summarize all of the great things about a residency program like Memorial. For me, it comes down to two things. First, faculty (full-time and volunteer) at this program consistently inspired me to strive for greatness and were instrumental in shaping me into who I am today both personally and professionally. Second, exposure to a huge variety of pathology of all kinds gave me the base on which to build my own practice experience and the confidence to handle whatever comes my way."

Mettisa McLeod, MD – Class of 2005
Group Practice - Collinsville, IL


“I cannot say enough good things about my experience at Memorial hospital. Without a doubt I received the best training in Family medicine one could hope for. It was evident from day one that the residency and each resident's involvement in it was valued and respected by the community, hospital and all its constituents. This helped to create the most complete training I could ever hope for.

The faculty at Memorial are fantastic teachers, outstanding physicians, and fun to work with. I am truly confident that my training was second to none and this has prepared me well for the 'real world' of medicine-largely in part because I was already experiencing it first hand everyday as a resident. The training at Memorial allows you to explore and tailor your own interests for your future practice. I consider it an honor to have trained/worked with all of the outstanding individuals at Memorial. Most of all, however, I am thankful to have met some of the most wonderful friends in my fellow residents, friendships that my wife Desiree and I are forever grateful for.”

Joel Mulder D.O. - Class of 2004
Group practice - West Lafayette, IN


“I continue to learn everyday in the practice of medicine and Memorial Family Residency gave me a solid knowledge base on which to build. I believe that anyone given the opportunity to complete residency at Memorial will feel confident in their abilities at graduation and beyond.“

Nicole Norris M.D. – Class of 2004
Private practice - Peru, Illinois


"I knew before I began residency that I wanted to practice the full spectrum of family medicine in a rural community, and I wanted to find a program that strives for excellence. My training at Memorial surpassed everything I could have wanted, and my practice now includes operative obstetrics, colonoscopy, office procedures, and inpatient care.

More importantly, coming to Memorial allowed me to work with some of the most talented family medicine residents in the country, make wonderful friends, and learn from the finest group of faculty physicians anywhere.

The excellent scope of training is truly the strength of the program. While the core of the program focuses on traditional outpatient family practice, some of my colleagues became hospitalists, emergency physicians, and sports medicine physicians. You really can go anywhere from here.

Coming to Memorial has been the best decision of my professional career. If your goal is to be a truly outstanding family physician, then you belong at Memorial."

Ben Adkins, M.D. - Class of 2003, M.P.A earn 2004, Group Practice - Pullman, WA


“This month I finish my first year of practice in rural North Carolina. I've felt confident and competent during this transition. I am doing everything with family practice that I want to and feel I'm adding an important component to this community. I'm very thankful for my 3 years in South Bend and can't imagine a program that would have prepared me better for private practice. “

Chad Smoker, M.D. –Class of 2003
Group Practice - Burnsville, North Carolina


“I knew that I would receive excellent medical training at Memorial Family Practice, but what I got was so much more! As the first graduate of the 4-year Masters in Public Administration curriculum, I know that I could not have started my own solo practice without the practice management training I obtained during residency. Every new physician should know as much as he or she can about practice management and opportunities to gain advanced training in this area abound at Memorial Family Practice. All of the residents get the basics, from coding and billing to credentialing and financial management, and more as they want! Graduates can rest assured that they will be far out in front of their peers in both medical and practice management abilities from the training that they receive at Memorial.”

Jason Marker, M.D.-Class of 2001, M.P.A. earned 2002, Solo practice - Wyatt, IN


"Being a resident at Memorial was like joining a big family. My expanded "family" was always there to turn to and provide support when I needed it most. There is an incredible sense of teamwork to foster training. Like family, the faculty, community physicians, fellow residents, hospital staff, nurses and support staff at the residency do their best to prepare you in three years to move on. However, despite leaving "home" I'll always consider Memorial a very special place."

Karen Ng, M.D.-Class of 2001
Group practice – Providence, Rhode Island


"We came because we were convinced that Memorial offered the best place to train to be a family doctor. From that first night, we felt welcome. Everyone went out of their way to make us feel at home. Since that night, I have never felt like I was in this alone. There was always someone there to help or to listen. It seemed as though we were joining a new "family." At times it seemed as though we were more like brothers and sisters, than colleagues. The friendships grew closer than those of college and medical school. We became a different type of family, and learned a new meaning to the words "family practice." We helped each other learn to be better friends, spouses, parents, and doctors. It was an incredible experience. During our residency, we learned more about medicine than we ever thought we could. We learned from our faculty, our preceptors, and each other. But most of all, we learned from our patients. I never expected it to be so fun. I had the time of my life."

Dale Patterson, M.D.-Class of 2000, Faculty
Memorial Family Medicine Residency Program - South Bend, IN


"The large number of full time faculty was a great asset to my education. In addition, the preparation in all aspects of family practice was excellent. I came into practice with the confidence of my skills in family medicine."

David Darr, M.D.-Class of 1999
Group practice – Warsaw, IN


"From a wife's viewpoint, the staff for Memorial's Family Practice Residency really went above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome. Whether you were single, married, or married with children, everyone was part of a bigger family during residency."

Kristin Kreckman-Resident Spouse, Class of 1998, Group practice – Mendota, Illinois


"Memorial's residency program was an exciting, challenging, and fun program that truly trained me to be a complete family physician. The program prepared me to perform multiple procedures including ultrasound, vasectomy, colonoscopy, EGD, D&C, and the ability to practice competently the full spectrum of obstetrics. Anyone wanting to do obstetrics and/or practice rural family medicine needs to look at Memorial Hospital's Family Practice Residency. I am thankful for the training that I received. I have the ability to practice anything within the realm of our specialty, which is a great plus in my rural practice."

Scott Anzalone, M.D.-Class of 1998
Solo practice – Logan, Ohio


"My training at Memorial made the transition from student physician to attending physician seamless. The clinical rotations were excellent, with mentors that are great teachers and role models. I am still actively performing vasectomies, cardiac stress testing, colposcopy, and flexible sigmoidoscopy, all of which I learned during my residency at Memorial. If you are looking for a residency which will prepare you for family medicine, Memorial is the place."

Jim Cunnar, M.D.-Class of 1997
Group practice – Naperville, Illinois


"The things that impressed me the most about Memorial's Family Practice Residency Program was the willingness of the faculty to take into account my special interests and needs and help me tailor a program to meet those needs while still providing an excellent core of knowledge. The sense of teamwork and comradery among the residents was also outstanding and led to friendships that I know will be lifelong despite distant geographic destinations. Memorial will prepare you to be a great family doctor!"

Kim Harmon, M.D.-Class of 1996
Group practice – University of Washington – Seattle, Washington


"By the end of those busy three years of residency, I was more than ready to move on because I was properly prepared to continue practice as a Board Certified FP. I have been in private group practice for 5 years and continue to recall those "once in a lifetime" teaching moments that occurred while at Memorial. Most valuable were the frequent opportunities for one-on-one teaching by both FP and specialist attendings. The patient population was quite varied and afforded me the proper range of experience in the clinical setting."

Vicki Brown, M.D.-Class of 1995
Group practice – Norwalk, Ohio