Med-Point Man

Med-Point Man

It's a band-aid…
It's a thermometer…
It's Med-Point Man!

Med-Point Man is Memorial Medical Group's safety-themed super hero, bringing messages of health and well-being to kids of all ages.

Dressed in full superhero garb, Med-Point Man will also visit neighborhoods, pools, playgrounds, parks, and other family-friendly places throughout the summer months. Like a healthier version of an ice cream truck, families will know he’s approaching by the sounds of “Staying Alive,” “Doctor, Doctor,” and other music selections, and of course the conspicuous giant brain on top the HealthWorks! Hummer. Med-Point Man will interact with kids and families, handing out healthy snacks, and other summer safety giveaways.

He’ll also be armed with information about Med-Point24, the area’s only 24-hour urgent care center. Patients at Med-Point24 are often examined and treated in 60 minutes or less. The average co-pay for an ER visit can be up to $200, whereas the typical co-pay at Med-Point can be $50 or less.

Med-Point Man just may be coming to a neighborhood near you!