Memorial's Diabeticos Saludables Program Wins National Hospital Charitable Service Award

Memorial's Diabeticos Saludables Program Wins National Hospital Charitable Service Award

Diabeticos Saludables: Sweet Success in the Fight Against Diabetes Wins National Hospital Charitable Service Award

ATLANTA – Memorial Hospital’s “Diabeticos Saludables: Sweet Success in the Fight Against Diabetes” was among 10 programs from across the country named a Program of Excellence by the Hospital Charitable Service Awards, a national program sponsored by Jackson Healthcare.

The Diabeticos Saludables: Sweet Success in the Fight Against Diabetes, a program of Memorial Hospital’s Community Health Enhancement division, is a multifaceted, culturally appropriate, education and case management program for individuals with Type II Diabetes. The program serves more than 300 community residents who experience the greatest disparities in health status and access to care.

The ten programs were commended for exceptional work in setting new standards for giving back to their communities in sustainable ways. Memorial’s Tithing Policy, providing investment into the health of the community, sustains the chronic disease model. At a banquet that was the culmination of the Hospital Charitable Services Conference, each winning program was presented with a $10,000 investment toward program expansion.

“These initiatives are not alone in giving back to their communities,” said Charles R. Evans, FACHE, Chairman of the Hospital Charitable Service Awards program. “What makes them truly extraordinary is the impact they achieve through their commitment to serving others, and the outstanding ways they make substantial and caring contributions.”

Jackson Healthcare instituted the Hospital Charitable Service Awards in 2010 to honor exemplary hospital-sponsored community programs, share their stories and make them models for other programs. Jackson Healthcare also uses the awards to cultivate a community of charitable hospital programs that want to encourage and learn from one another, and establish best practices.

A total of 197 nominees was chosen from a wide field of applicants. Those candidates were narrowed to a field of 38 official finalists. The 10 Programs of Excellence were chosen from among them.

Each nominee had to demonstrate excellence in at least one of five areas: community impact, innovation, collaboration, transferability and/or best practice. Diabeticos Saludables: Sweet Success in the Fight Against Diabetes demonstrated impact upon the health and quality of life in the community, utilizing trained Community Health Workers, residents of the community, is not only innovative but demonstrates significant cost savings, and the program works with community clinics, in particular the designated Federally Qualified Health Centers, Indiana Health Center and Project Home Coming. Diabeticos Saludables is replicable and clearly is one of the nation’s best practices in empowering clients to self-manage their health and reach an improved state of well-being.

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About the Hospital Charitable Service Awards

The Hospital Charitable Service Awards is a national program sponsored by Jackson Healthcare. It recognizes hospitals whose commitment to their community - whether defined locally, regionally, nationally or globally - goes beyond "community benefit" and "free care" and has led to innovative efforts to improve community health and increase access to healthcare education and services. All hospital-funded charitable programs are eligible to participate regardless of the size, tax or ownership model. A national charitable services conference was scheduled in Atlanta, Georgia on February 3, 2011 to bring together individuals and hospitals in an effort to explore evidence-based approaches to community benefit and charitable services.

About Memorial Hospital of South Bend

Memorial Hospital of South Bend is not only recognized nationally as a leader in providing high quality care, but also as a leader in innovation, offering new approaches to patient satisfaction and customer service that set us apart.

In 1993, Memorial was one of the first hospitals in the nation to designate (tithe) 10% of its excess annual revenue, over and above the hospital's charity care and prevention-focused activities, for investments in innovative health programs. Through this process, Memorial has lead the way in the development of unique, community-based programming that promotes a healthier quality of life in South Bend and beyond.