Clergy Services

We place a very high value on your ministry to our patients and families. If you are new to the community, please stop by the Chaplain's Office to get your picture taken for a photo ID badge for use when you are visiting patients at Memorial. Your photo ID badge will get you in and out of any of the parking structures without charge as well.

To expedite your visit to patients in the Emergency Trauma Center and/or the main hospital, we have reserved several parking places on the second floor of the Lafayette Parking Garage-Centennial Medical Square. These spaces are clearly labeled for clergy and are adjacent to the ECC entrance. To access them, drive in on the first floor, driving past them and around to the second floor to position your automobile correctly for the flow of traffic. The small stairwell immediately to the right of the reserved spaces takes you directly to the ECC entrance area. Once there, check in with the Security Officer and he/she will help you find the patient & family you are seeking. You may also dial 574-647-4243 for the chaplain or ask to have one paged to assist you. We are available in-house twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week

Spiritual care services maintains an active list of clergy. The mailing list is used to send notices regarding upcoming continuing education activities, as well as to notify clergy of other events or concerns which may affect their ministry at Memorial Hospital.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list, please call 574-647-6990 Please provide the following information: name, church name, mailing address, work and home phone numbers.