Inpatient Rehabilitation Program

Inpatient rehabilitation focuses on a broad range of diagnoses ranging from neurological dysfunctions such as strokes, head trauma, and spinal cord injuries to orthopedic dysfunctions such as arthritis and multiple trauma. The goal of treatment on the rehabilitation unit is "the physical restoration of a sick or disabled person by therapeutic measures and re-education to participation in the activities of a normal life within the limitations of his/her physical disability" (Gove, 1971).

A physiatrist, or doctor of physical medicine and rehabilitation, directs the care provided. The interdisciplinary team meets weekly to coordinate care and to tailor the rehabilitation program to the specific needs of the patient and his or her family. The patient and family are expected to be intricately involved in the rehabilitation program. Family and patient education is a crucial aspect of rehabilitation and is aimed at facilitating independent function and management of the residual disability. Families are encouraged to accompany their family member to therapy where individualized education takes place. Family conferences are also planned to maximize the opportunities for learning and to promote a smooth discharge for the patient and family.

These services are provided on a dedicated unit within Memorial Hospital. Patients are admitted to this unit specifically for rehabilitation, after the completion of a pre-admission assessment required by Medicare.

2014 Inpatient Rehabilitation Statistics

  • A total of 238 inpatients were treated
  • The average age of all patients was 59 years
  • 61% of patients were male, 39% of patients were female
  • Patients' average length of stay in Memorial Hospital was 17.9 days
  • 69% of patients achieved their functional goals
  • 78% were discharged to home
  • 12% were discharged to acute care
  • 89% would definitely recommend Memorial Inpatient Rehabilitation, according to our patient satisfaction survey

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