Medical/Surgical Program

The medical/surgical team provides service to patients on all our adult inpatient units at Memorial Hospital – from intensive care to oncology, from open heart recovery to intermediate care. The team meets daily to discuss patient status and to coordinate services and schedules. Team members consult with discharge planners and home care coordinators to ensure that proper equipment and follow-up is arranged to provide a safe and practical home environment for the patient. A physician referral is required for services to be initiated.

Medical/surgical therapists work with the patient to increase strength, mobility, and range of motion; improve endurance for functional tasks; enhance balance and safety during movement; facilitate healing of open wounds; prevent the occurrence of deformity due to prolonged bed rest; improve oral motor skills, swallowing and communication; and increase independence in daily living skills. Additionally, education is provided to the patient and family to ensure safe mobility, daily living skills, safe swallowing skills and communication following discharge.

Contact phone number: 574-647-7312