NeuroCom for Athletes (Concussion Management)

Concussions are serious business, and our community’s young athletes are always at risk for one – or more.

A concussion is one of the most common sports injuries, with approximately ten percent of athletes playing a contact sport suffering a mild brain injury or concussion each season. That’s why Memorial Outpatient Therapy Services offers a complete pre- and post-concussion management program that not only helps athletes recover from potential lingering symptoms after a concussion, but that begins before a concussion ever happens by providing an objective, quantifiable Baseline Profile.

Because of the growing concern and awareness about hard impact and repetitive blows to the head in the athletic arena, completing a youth athlete’s baseline assessment before injuries occur creates the most accurate reference point for measuring injury impact and contributes to safer return-to-play decisions. The assessments Memorial provides give children a complete Baseline Profile, which is the only comprehensive baseline offered in the South Bend area, objectively testing both balance and neurocognitive function.

Balance has been identified as one of the three assessment pillars, along with standardized cognitive assessment and a symptoms checklist, for making safe return-to-play decisions following a head injury. Memorial Outpatient Therapy is ready to help the young athletes in our area, using neurocognitive testing AND NeuroCom® balance assessment technology to provide objective data that is compared against baseline or validated norms – pre or post injury.

Whether it is for a baseline prior to the start of an athletic season or anytime a potential brain injury occurs, our trained concussion/vestibular therapy specialists, in collaboration with a primary care physician or a sports medicine specialist, are here to help. We are the only medical facility in the area that provides NeuroCom® technology balance testing, along with follow-up, guidance and post-concussion rehabilitation, to help protect our young athletes.

To find out more about Memorial's Concussion Management Program, pre-season baseline assessments or post-concussion rehabilitation, please call 574-647-2600.