Nursing at Memorial

Nurturing, Building Trust, Caring for Others

Memorial nurses, motivated by a deep sense of vocation and dedication, believe in an environment in which all individuals and relationships are highly valued. Memorial nurses consider every interaction an opportunity to nurture, build trust and care for others. Collaboration with physicians and other members of the care and support teams is vital to our professional practice.

Nursing at Memorial combines the values of respect, integrity, compassion, excellence and safety with clinical evidence and best practice. In mastering the science, art and spirituality of nursing, we believe the exemplary care we provide is essential to the achievement of the mission and vision at Memorial. We are accountable for our practice in accordance with recognized nursing standards and ethical codes.

Memorial nurses are extensively educated and recognized as experts in the compassionate care of others. Certifications earned by Memorial's professional nursing staff include the following, grouped by nursing specialty:

Cardiac Care/Intensive Care Specialty
  • CCRN: Critical Care R.N.
  • TNCC: Trauma Nurse Core Course
Oncology Specialty
  • ONS: Chemotherapy Biotherapy
  • ONC: Oncology Nurse Certified
Pediatrics/PICU Specialty
Obstetrics Specialty
  • RNC-OB: Registered Nurse Certified, Inpatient OB
  • RNC-MNN: Registered Nurse Certified, Maternal Newborn Nursing
  • AWHONN Intermediate and Advanced Fetal Monitoring Certified
Neonatal Intensive Care Specialty
  • RNC-NIC: Registered Nurse Certified, Neonatal Intensive Care
  • RNC-LRN: Registered Nurse Certified, Low Risk Newborn Care
Rehab Specialty
  • R.N., ARN: Acute Rehab Nurse
  • R.N., CNE: Certified Nurse Executive
Orthopedics Specialty
  • R.N., ONC: Orthopedic Nurse Certified
Emergency Room Specialty
  • ENPC: Emergency Nurse Pediatric Cource
  • TNCC: Trauma Nurse Core Course
  • CEN: Certified Emergency Nurse
Medical/Surgical Specialty


Nursing and the Shared Governance Structure

Nursing at Memorial is overseen by a shared governance structure, the purpose of which is to

  • provide a mechanism for effective communication and collaboration between nursing staff, ancillary staff and management
  • design, oversee and evaluate changes and/or improvements in the practice between nursing staff, ancillary staff and management
  • promote a high level of performance by professional nurses
  • promote quality improvement and patient safety within the practice of nursing
  • promote use of evidence-based practice in the delivery of nursing care

In short, Memorial nurses are deeply committed to providing the best possible patient care through effective communication and collaboration; constant evaluation and enhancement of care; dedication to safety; and use of science and research to better the quality of life of our community.


Spirit of Nursing Awards

Annually we recognize a nurse from each unit for their excellence in care and outstanding presence in the organization. The spirit of the nurses at Memorial Hospital sets us apart from other organizations and creates the foundation of our hospital. The character of a Spirit of Nursing Award winner is built on honor, integrity, authenticity and a deep respect for others. Nursing has a bold voice at Memorial and is leading the way through the Shared Governance Structure creating a very bright future for nursing!

2011 Spirit of Nursing Winners
  • Barb Allen
    12 South, Medical/Surgical Unit
  • Brandon Alt
    Intensive Care Unit
  • Stacy Buczolich
    Pediatric Emergency Transport
  • Chris Burlingame
    Emergency Trauma Center
  • Sheila Chandler
    Interventional Radiology
  • Nicole Dickey
    9 South, Intermediate Care Center
  • David Doolin
    Outpatient Surgery Center/OR
  • Bonnie Dylejko
    Float Resource Team
  • Jill Fowler
    Vascular Access Team
  • Kiam Germani
    Newborn Intensive Care Unit
  • Angelyn Goldentstern
    Cardiology Services/Short Stay
  • Stephanie Gowen
    Mental Health/Geropsych
  • Jean Gramza
  • Abby Greiffendorf
    Mental Health/Adult
  • Melissa Haddix
    Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  • Lori Hendershot
    Pediatric Hematology Oncology
  • Jeff Hire
    Pain Control Center
  • Mary Moon
  • Joan Narozny
    5 South/ Rehab
  • Angela Nonn
    10 South/Oncology
  • Patti Null
    Major OR
  • Elizabeth Phend
    11 South/ Medical Surgical Unit
  • Mona Roberts
    Child Birth Unit
  • Becky Ross
    Mental Health/Riverside
  • Thom Ryckeart
    Outpatient Surgery/Ambulatory Care Center
  • Lesley Scott
    Cardiac Catherization Lab
  • Dawn Shepard
    8 South/ Orthopedics/Neurology
  • Gloria Taylor
    Mother Baby Unit
  • Chris Werntz
    Outpatient Surgery Center/PACU
  • Karen Wood
    Major OR/PACU
  • Amber Wilkinson
    7 South/ Heart/Stroke Unit
  • Patty Witz
    Heart and Vascular Center