Mini-Medical University for Teens

For the past six summers Memorial Hospital’s Ambassador Services Department has offered a one-of-a-kind learning experience for high school students 15-18 who have an interest in medicine. This action-packed, hands-on experience includes lectures from clinicians in specialty areas, labs, various career opportunities in a hospital setting, exposure to a clinical unit and service within Memorial. Mini-Medical University for Teens 101 is a full-day, week-long experience offered during the summer. Students who successfully complete Mini-Medical University for Teens 101 are also eligible to interview for a volunteer position at the hospital. Due to privacy laws and other requirements, only high school students aged 15-17 who successfully complete Mini-Medical University for Teens are eligible to volunteer while in high school. High school seniors who are 18 or older are eligible to volunteer in the hospital once they either complete New Ambassador Orientation, or attend Mini-Medical University for Teens.

Students interested in having their name added to the waiting list for information on potential summer 2015 Mini Medical University for Teens sessions are welcome to call the Ambassador Services Office at 574-647-6496, or send an email listing the student's name, high school, graduation year, and birthdate to Students on the waiting list for 2015 summer session information will receive information about potential 2015 sessions as soon as it is available, which usually occurs the end of February or the first of March of each year. Being on the waiting list for information does not guarantee entry into the program, but it does ensure that students receive the information about the program and an application via email before either are available to the general public. Sessions usually fill very quickly (sometimes within one week of the information going out), so being on the waiting list for information is the best option for the most opportunity regarding Mini Medical University for Teens.  Thank you for your interest!