Memorial Hospital Offers Mini-Grants to Focus on Early Childhood

Memorial Hospital Offers Mini-Grants to Focus on Early Childhood

Memorial Hospital now offers special grant opportunities—up to $5,000 per grant—for local organizations that focus on brain health and early childhood development.

“The future depends on our ability to advance the well-being of this and the next generation,” says Debbie Raybold, Director of Memorial’s BrainWorks program. “Memorial understands we must lay a foundation for success by investing resources, programming and environments that positively influence early childhood brain development.”

Funding may be sought to:

  • Obtain a foundational education, continuing education or professional development on the neuroscience and application of healthy early childhood development and its impact on life-long cognitive health as a precursor to applying these principles in your organization.
  • Take existing evidence based early childhood programs that align with neuroscience and offer them to a wider audience in the community.
  • Add new outcomes and neuroscience based programs to create an environment and curriculum that supports healthy early childhood development.

Criteria that may influence the decision-making process include: sustainability plans beyond initial funding; quality and intention for outcomes-based measurements; the potential for replication; and programs based in the South Bend/Mishawaka area. Deadline for applications is July 1.

For more information, please call Memorial’s BrainWorks program at 574-647-6628 or download the application at