Memorial Regional Cancer Center (MRCC)

Welcome to the Memorial Regional Cancer Center – our goal is provide you with the best oncology and hematology care: individualized care that focuses on you – not solely the cancer or blood disorder.  Our singularly designed survivorship program directed and guided by our nurse navigator is the lynchpin to our success.  From the moment you first meet us, our team coordinates your care addressing all your individual needs.  We remain in close contact with your primary care physician (and if you don’t have one we will make arrangements so you do!) and other physicians involved in your care.

You will have many questions before, during and after treatment.  Our team is available to answer your needs twenty-four hours a day, every day of the week.  We think it essential that you know about the disease, treatment and potential side effects – we take the time to inform, routinely drawing on marker boards during the visit.  You will not experience any MRCC physician dictating or typing on the computer during your visits.  You are what matters to us! 

Our exceptionally talented team of physicians and nurses has enormous experience in treating patients with cancer and hematologic disorders.  Unique to a community hospital and to better serve the Michiana region, cancer and hematology care at Memorial spans the pediatric as well as the adult population.  Another distinguishing feature of the MRCC is, compared to other cancer programs in Michiana, all physicians in the Medical Oncology-Hematology division are board certified not only in medical oncology but also in hematology.  Furthermore, the MRCC has additional exclusive capabilities not available elsewhere in Michiana – stereotactic radiosurgery and cancer vaccine trials are just two examples.

We are extremely proud of our clinical trial research team and affiliation with the Mayo Clinic.  As a Mayo affiliate the MRCC is a member of Alliance (for Clinical Trials in Oncology), one of five cooperative groups in the US designing, directing and reporting results from cancer clinical trials.  Moreover, the MRCC is pleased to partner with the Harper Cancer Center at Notre Dame in tissue banking (storing cancer specimens for scientific research).

Should you wish a second opinion at a major academic center about your diagnosis and/or recommended treatment strategy, we support you completely.  In fact we will make the referral for you – our patients have been referred to the Mayo Clinic, University of Chicago, Indiana University, Northwestern University, University of Michigan and the Cleveland Clinic among others.    

As Medical Director, I can tell you that your team at the MRCC has developed an extraordinary and highly regarded cancer program since I came here in January of 2013.   We continue to improve on what we have already accomplished and new capabilities are under continuous development.  For updates, please follow us: and

I have heard often from our patients that visiting the MRCC is like being with family.  This feeling is because the front office staff, technicians, medical assistants, lymphedema specialists, dieticians, social work, nurses and physicians all are engaged in your care – ensuring a heartfelt and warm experience, and…..we listen to you!


Thomas J Reid III MD PhD FACP
Medical Director