Exceptional Experience Project

In October 2009, Colleen Sweeney, director of the Ambassador and Customer Service Department, gave away five-dollar bills totaling $1,000 to the ambassadors who attended The Big Event, a yearly update and training session. Sweeney challenged the ambassadors, each of who received a five-dollar bill, to utilize the money in a way that would create an Exceptional Experience for as many people as possible. She wanted the five dollars to burn a hole in the ambassadors' pockets as they began training their eye to look for that opportunity which they may have otherwise missed. The results were remarkable! Here are a few of the many experiences that resulted from the challenge.

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Dear Interested Ambassador,

Thank you for your interest in Memorial Hospital’s Ambassador Program! Several hundred ambassadors currently volunteer in many services, providing exceptional experiences for those we serve. We at Memorial love our patients and invite you to help us play a vital role in their healing process.

Opportunities to greet, escort, direct, bake for, rock, read to and love our patients await those with generous hearts. We look forward to getting to know you and the talents that you can bring to our patients as you join us in our commitment to excellence. We think that you will soon agree with us as we say that, “Life is sweeter when you volunteer.”


The Department of Ambassador Services